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Tomb Raider (c) Square Enix

date –

Type – Disk (s) …………….. 1 BluRay

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Tomb Raider explores the origin story of Lara Croft and intense brave

and his ascent of a young woman’s life difficult. armed only

with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human

endurance, Lara must fight to solve the dark history of a forgotten

island to escape the grasp of the point implacable.Baixoturning

After seeking sick epic gerbydipengembaraan started.


Smart must inventive / Lara Lara uses her brain to his Brawn

overcome impossible situations. Players must lead by Lara

A physics puzzle game, challenging environment, and a history of high octane for

overcome and eliminate frightening situation of island life.

Fighting – Tomb Raider is pushing the genre into the future with passionate action

Third person combat systems and weapons, upgrades and equipamentosALara depth

You will have to deal with increasingly working strategolisukar

enemies and environments, each with a single touch action survival.

wouldnt dynamic routing without any Tomb Raider

the signature element. And also as a platform, get Lara

explore a large area to gain experience points that will be updated

weapons and equipment. The main element is a dynamic forwarding

game gear gating loop: during the game, Lara

continue to improve will Equipamentoable to achieve before this

anhygyrchlleoliadau that will allow you to upgrade peralatannyadan

arms farther.


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