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The Case for Christ 2017

Investigative journalist and self-proclaimed atheist actively disprove the existence of God after her husband became a Christian. Based on the award-winning investigative journalist true story – and avowed atheist – applying journalistic skills and legal napagkapino and refute his newfound Christian faith unexpected results that change lives.

A hard drive journalist Lee Strobel exactly where they should bework: above. Its award-winning investigative zhurnalistikaddiweddariddo won promotion saeditor is legal in ChicagoTribune. But things are not going nearly as well at home, where his wife went newfound faith in Christ Leslies against everything Lee believe – or not believe – as atheist declined. With his journalistic and legal training, Lee began to debunk claimsKristiyanismo quest to rescuehis crumbling marriage. Chasing the biggest story of his career, Lee has faced unexpected rezultatikoyato can change all he really knows eifod.

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