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Geostorm 2017

When a global satellite network is designed to control the air to invade countries, it is a race against time is the real threat to reveal everything in front geostorm Let us abolish all the world. When a disaster of climate change jeopardizing the survival of the world’s governments, and to realize a Dutch boy Program, World Wide satellite circling the planet, which is equipped with a planned geoengineering technology for disaster destroys alam.SetelahmelindungiPlanettwo years ago, that something is wrong. Two brothers who have united at the first, and assigned to him the loss of the planet were astonished at these things spread throughout the world to complete the program Geostorm the world.

Not even the space of a satellite of the attacks of epic proportions has sent GeostormA to ensure effective control of the air. The earth, and his brother was planning to assassinate the president.


Clade: NA

Am Date: 19 Oct 2017

Genre: Rock / Sainsfiksi

The time is running and not available

Dispenser, Warner Bros. PICTURES

Cast: Gerard Butler,Abbie Cornish, Katheryn Winnicka Marcus her Lara, Amr watchful eye, Eugene derbez Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia

Director: Dean Devlin

Format: 2D

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