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Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017

Kingsman: The world’s intelligence agency « Kingsmana » showed – an independent international intelligence service, working at the highest level, whose main objective is the maintenance of peace. In « Kingsmana », « Golden Ring » our heroes are confronted with a new challenge. When her headquarter ruynuetstsai world is delayed, her trip will lead her to identify allied intelligence services in the United States called the state, starting with the day,on which they were based. In the new adventure, the agents force and mind to the limit, these two elite secret organizations testueihzu to defeat the ruthless common enemy, the world save, it becomes a habit, for a few eggs.

When her headquarters destroyed, and the world held as a hostage Kingsmana trip, she leads to the discovery of the Allied espionage organization in the United States. These two Elitedolzhnyobedinitsya conspiracies the commonEnemy defeat. Once the headquarters Kingsmana blown psihotipomzlochinets called Poppy Adams. Survived agents find their way into the union of a secret organization based in Kentucky, called Stateman. The two agencies should now pratsavatsrazam save the world and remove the so-called « Golden Circle ».

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